I am a Waikato based New Zealand Photographer living in Hamilton, who loves the idea of being a storyteller through images, whether it is on a personal level or on a professional level.  I enjoy photography in many different genres including, Landscape, Black and White, Long Exposure and Macro, to name a few.
I have completed and gained my Diploma in Digital Photography through Southern Institute of Technology (SIT), where I spent 2 years studying multiple techniques, gaining knowledge, experience and insight so that I can run my own photography business. You can find my SIT final portfolio on my Portfolio page above.
So where do I want photography to take me?  At this stage I would like to further work and develop my photography interests in product and marketing photography…but I also want to see where photography takes me and how it will evolve.  Thankfully with photography I don’t have to be confined to just one particular area and while I have a preference towards some areas more than others, I want to be free to explore all facets of this fine art.
If you are interested in purchasing any of my images, please go to my Prints To Buy page where you can find a selection of images with print, size, framing and price options included. You can also visit my shop on Facebook to see examples of what can be purchased and I can answer any questions that you may have.
Please feel free to email me on my Contact page, if you have any questions or want to order a print or alternatively you can catch up with me on any one of the social media links shown on my website, if you would like to talk about possible photography work that you are needing done.
…Thank you for visiting! Taron.
Latest News
Recently Shotkit invited me to write a little bit about myself regarding photography, what I like to photograph and what you find in my camera bag on any given day.  With so many amazing photographers scattered around the world, this community based platform helps us to connect and shared with one another in the pursuit of taking amazing photos.
Please feel free to jump over to Shotkit and have a read of my feature and also discover some new photographers to follow and inspire you in your quest to learn of all the other amazing photographers from around the globe when it drops 📸
I was highly commended in the 'People' category for my portrait image of my son practising his karate techniques...getting ready for his next belt grading.
I was also highly commended in the 'Places' category for my shot image of the Waihi Beach cliffs in Hawera, along the west coast of New Zealand.
What's so awesome about seeing all the talent, both here and in Australia is being excepted alongside all of these talented photographers.
......Bring on The Mono Awards 2020 👌🏼

This is the first year that I have entered this particular competition and I'm excited to mention that I have been 'Commended' for my Mechanical Macro images in the Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers 2020 competition through Capture Magazine in the ART category.

It's always a great feeling to take part in something like this and getting recognised for all the work that is involved in participating in these competitions...it's an honour👌🏼

Excited to say that this image 'Enchanted' has been selected to feature in the 2020 New Zealand Camera Book, through the Photographic Society of New Zealand (PSNZ).
This is the second time that I have submitted an image and the second time that I have been selected to feature...so suffice to say I'm pretty stoked!
The 2020 edition has been released...get your copy at their shop.
Click here to view this image and many more...feel free to contact me any time for a quote for print, canvas and framing options.
Click here to view this image and many more...feel free to contact me any time for a quote for print, canvas and framing options.
Follow me on Spotify and check out some of the music that I Iisten to when I'm doing a shoot or editing. Music plays a big part in my life and in my creative process, whether it's to motivate me, inspire me or just to relax me! Different genres for different moods....more playlists and songs to be added soon👌🏼​​​​​​​
I use Nikon and Nikkor camera gear.
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